Rugby7Stars is a first for World Rugby and rugby sevens, bringing live fantasy to new audiences through an exciting and engaging new interactive format that fans from over 140 countries have enjoyed in season 1.


Rugby7Stars has been developed on our Fantasy 247 product, combining a head to head card trading format (over 350,000 games played in season 1) with a real-time fantasy league featuring in-game substitutions. Fans built up a squad which they took into the live tournament weekends that make up the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series. The game integrates with the TV broadcast via the world feed, creating stars out of the fans playing the game, and showcasing the talents of the sevens players themselves.

Designed to introduce sevens to a whole new generation of potential fans, with the added awareness of rugby sevens joining the Olympics, Rugby7Stars delivers both education around the game of sevens, and an immersive gaming experience for new and old fans alike, driving engagement with the live broadcast.



What we delivered


We launched our Fantasy Live product in partnership with World Rugby, as Rugby7Stars, an entirely new take on Fantasy gaming. Unlike other fantasy games, fans build up a squad by challenging each other in a real-time card trading game, stealing cards from each other and ensuring engagement between live events. Sponsor HSBC provided prizes for players in each tournament.  




140 countries participated

350,000 Head to Head games played

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How it works


Helping fans learn more about new players, player cards include categories include Social Buzz, Attack and Rio Rating - a rating of how likely the player is to reach the Olympics.
When the tournament begins, fans can play live with the TV broadcast by substituting their players on and off the pitch to accumulate the most points.

The game responds live to points scored on the pitch, surfacing top performing players.
The game is promoted on TV via Calls To Action from commentators and in-stadium on perimeter boards. The game is integrated with TV graphics, allowing fans to get their names on TV through leaderboards.

Regional leaderboards allow players to compare performance with others, for instance in Fiji. 

Social reach is generated through sharing; when new players are won, fans can share their player cards, name-checking the players themselves on Twitter. When each tournament ends, players are encouraged to share their scores.





Rugby7Stars uses our Fantasy Live product built on LViS Gaming APIs.


Fantasy Live product, built on LViS Gaming APIs


Responsive mobile-first HTML5


Social login with Facebook & Twitter

TV Graphics integration with VizRT