Monterosa has given us the ability to reach our audience in a new way. They’ve been instrumental in our growth, making sure our offering can keep up with the latest from Instagram and Facebook.

We love working with the team. It’s a real partnership, we’re able to iterate together on products, and control everything ourselves from LViS. We would highly recommend both Monterosa and the LViS platform.
— Michelle Cauchi, Senior Director, Creative Promotions – Interactive Production, Nickelodeon


Nickelodeon prides itself on bringing its audience the best content possible by listening, connecting and innovating to entertain kids.

It’s always looking to create new, fun interactions for its audience, with a view to increasing on-air retention. Kids already have their devices out, so it’s an opportunity to give them fun things to do by creating experiences that complement TV viewing.


The Nickelodeon brand is very different to others within Viacom. The audience is a lot younger and there is a lot of red tape, which Viacom as a whole doesn’t cater for.

Nickelodeon wants to be innovative and be where the kids are, without losing them to Instagram or Facebook. Legally kids can’t be on social media, so although they are, it can’t be seen to promote this.

In addition, the team previously didn’t have the independence or creative control that comes with access to a CMS, and instead relied on external producers to create new experiences.


Nickelodeon’s focus is on keeping people engaged and understanding how kids are interacting with all the different experiences.


Kids’ Choice Awards – March ‘18

  • The live votes pulled in 33MM votes this year, in addition to 2MM trivia submissions and over 200k memes created during the show

  • 208k memes created, +20% vs last year

  • 85k memes downloaded, +193% vs last year

  • Users viewed 30 pictures/visitor during the show, outperforming gallery engagement last year


Kids’ Choice Sports – July ‘18

  • Users engaged with throughout the show with over 14.4M interactions; over 13M of those interactions were live votes

  • The new “Screens Up” App provided an additional 337k total interactions during the show, with users playing along with live votes, polls, stickers and AR moments


Trivia Prizefest – April ‘18

  • Occurred daily from 4/16 – 4/29, then just Saturdays in May

  • Average Time Spent: 00:26:33 over 60 minutes of on-air programming

  • Received over 1.5 million trivia interactions


Henry Danger – October ‘18

  • Retained 98% of the lead in audience

  • On-air graphics displaying the quiz results on screen in real-time


Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 15.48.35.png

Monterosa’s web application product FanKit powers voting, social engagement and live interactivity for Nickelodeon’s main events - the Kids’ Choice Awards and Kids’ Choice Sports. Kids can impact the show in real-time by having their votes fulfilled on-air, as well as interacting with polls, trivia, and content such as celebrities being slimed live.


The Screens Up native app, using Monterosa’s Fan Companion product, recently launched for Kids’ Choice Sports. The app allows for second screen experiences, and every month the team tries to ‘plus up’ episodes of TV shows like Henry Danger. Real-time AR moments can be created with your favourite character, or even for a simple reference to jelly donuts on TV.


The solution is a parallel approach, pushing out the same functionality across both web and native platforms. Web is currently easiest and most versatile, and as most of the audience will still be there, Nickelodeon is careful not to alienate any of its users.

Some functionality, such as AR moments and the ability for users to collect stickers, is only available on native, so the team is always looking for comparable web options - in this case a meme maker.


Screenshot 2019-02-14 at 18.03.05.png

Access to Monterosa’s LViS platform is an added bonus, providing a reliable and stable platform that has been used to create and publish 70 elements during 90mins of programming.


Monterosa has been an amazing partner for Nickelodeon on this journey. The team appreciates its holistic approach, and loves having its own CMS and products - access to all the tools it needs to be independent.

Nickelodeon particularly enjoys working with Monterosa on new features, as it can retain both creative control and the ability to do things itself. Having previously worked in the Viacom CMS, the Nick team found the LViS platform simple to use, much more intuitive, and quickly became comfortable using it.


  • There are plans for a new ad-free hub that will act as the one-stop shop linking together all of the experiences. People will be directed to the URL on-air, currently not possible due to COPPA, making sure kids know this is the one place to go.

  • The Nick Likes initiative, consisting of polls for kids on popular culture, currently plays out on-air and on social. This previously sat on the platform where interactivity options were limited, and creative ideas had to be adapted to the existing platform capability. Nickelodeon is looking to work with Monterosa on creating an owned destination for Nick Likes.