We use cutting-edge tracking technology to help racing fans keep tabs on their horses in the world’s biggest racing event.  


The Grand National is the world’s biggest horse racing event with £300m of bets placed. With over thirty runners jostling for position, even avid fans find it difficult to keep track of their chosen horses. 


What we delivered


Channel 4 challenged us to improve the fan experience with an innovative mobile product. We teamed up with TurfTrax to deliver a real-time, personalised view of the Grand National action that displays speed, position and distance to leader of each horse in the field, as they’re running. The Horse Tracker app allows each viewer to sync perfectly with TV, creating a true multi-screen experience. 




Horse Tracker has been an annual hit since launch, achieving the #1 App Store spot every year with hundreds of thousands of downloads. A true innovation, it is well-loved by Grand National fans generating positivity and social buzz. 


200k+ users each year


#1 App
3 years running




Special sensors attached to each saddle transmit positioning data that is filtered and transmitted through the Monterosa LViS platform.

With positioning data reaching the app before the TV broadcast hits the living room, and with variable broadcasting delays, our greater challenge was how to achieve perfect sync between app and TV. We achieved this by integrating audio watermarking technology with LViS to achieve personalised sync for each user. This was the first ever usage of audio sync for a sports tracking experience globally. 

We also created a special horse racing management console into LViS, allowing the content producer to start and approve all race results.