We’re always looking at new and innovative ways to bring BBC Earth’s vast archive of incredible natural history content to our audiences around the world. We’re excited to partner with a leader in digital innovation like Monterosa, so that our fans can – for the first time – create personalised moments of Real Happiness and share them online to give even more people a chance to enjoy their uplifting effect.
— Alex Ayling, Head of Digital Studios, BBC Worldwide

BBC Earth teamed up with fan interaction specialists Monterosa to create Happybot. The Bot lives on Facebook Messenger and asks users a short series of questions, creating a personalised Happiness Profile. It then correlates those user preferences with BBC archive footage to produce individual Real Happy Moments: personalised, sharable montages with scenes selected using intelligent tag matching. Available through Messenger at any time of the week, based on their specific preferences.


The BBC wanted to capitalise on the launch of Planet Earth II to transform BBC Earth into the definitive natural history brand. BBC's Real Happiness Project was born out of the principle that nature itself makes us happy. BBC Earth wanted to look at new and innovative ways to use their leading natural history archive to bring happiness to people, by connecting them with nature.

Our response was to deploy FanBot, our leading Messenger-based chatbot product powered by our award-winning interaction platform LViS. We conceptualised the full flow of the bot using our in-house UX expertise to deliver one of the most innovative bots on Messenger and create a blueprint for new initiatives for BBC within the Messaging AI space.



HappyBot stats.001.jpeg


The BBC used both owned and paid channels to promote HappyBot and drive users to start a conversation. A set of 3 questions was sent to the user when they started the conversation with HappyBot. In order to define their profile and identify the clips that would evoke the most happiness, users were asked three questions, created and managed in Monterosa's LViS platform.

All of the answers were linked to previously-tagged metadata, which helped the bot generate a truly personalised video clip. The algorithm logic was adapted during testing and improved throughout the project.




From the user’s answers, we were able to dynamically generate a video clip based on clip metadata. This video clip included an intro card with the user’s name and Facebook profile picture, ensuring the videos were even more individual to each user.

Depending on the location, we were able to add a configurable regional promo on the final screen of the clip, for example, to send pushed messages promoting the premier of Planet Earth II in the USA.


When each user's Real Happiness Moment (their personalised video) was delivered, they were encouraged to rate it, according to how much “happiness” the video delivered to them. This data was tracked and stored.

Ultimately, the goal for BBC was to publicise the new series of Planet Earth, therefore we built in a seamless mechanism for users to share their personalised video onto their Facebook feed, driving further organic reach.

Powered by Monterosa FanBot™ & LViS

This solution is powered by the Monterosa FanBot product and the LViS interaction platform.