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We help our clients build direct and valuable audience relationships with stunning fan experiences and robust technology. We have engaged over 60 million fans in 190 countries and achieved 18 #1 Apps 


Interactivity is a proven way to connect with fans and to create new ones. The more time you spend with a fan, the more you learn about them and the more loyal they become, and the more measured value you can derive from their attention.   

Whether in entertainment or sport, our fan experiences are beautiful, simple, effective and scalable. 

We maintain a cutting-edge portfolio of digital products used to engage fans, avoiding lengthy build processes and risky deployments. All of our products are built on our award-winning cloud platform, LViS, making it easy to deploy fast, reliable experiences on every screen.

LViS is the most advanced platform of its kind, scaling to millions of users in multiple languages. It is trusted to provide interactivity to some of the world's biggest TV shows and sporting events.  

We’ve created millions of happy fans and won a string of awards for innovation.

Monterosa are much more than a technology company, they combine creative and editorial solutions with cutting edge multi-screen software.
— James Morris
Head of MediaCom Beyond Advertising EMEA

We’re problem-solvers, tech innovators and obsessive fans ourselves. So share your challenge with us and let’s see what we can create together.